Multilingual AD/HD Awareness Conference
European AD/HD Awareness Week 2009 (

Saturday, September 26, 2009
Co-Sponsored by Centrum ZitStil (Flemish), TDA/H Belgique (French) & Adult Anglophone AD/HD Support

Location:  St. Antony’s Hall, 23-25 Oudstrijderslaan, 1950 Kraainem


  • 09:00:  Welcome Address & Chairs: Dr. Joanne Norris (English), Machteld van Ostaede (Dutch) & Pascale de Coster (French)
  • 09:15:  Dr. Kewley (Child Psychiatrist, author): AD/HD and Comorbidities  (incl. Giftedness) with guest Pauline Latham: Managing AD/HD from a Parent’s Perspective
  • 10:45:  Refreshment Break
  • 11:00:  Stephanie de Schaetzen: TDA/H en difficultés scolaires et dans l’accompagnement des parents  d’enfant TDA/H.
  • 12:00   Akiko Matsumoto (Reading Specialist): Addressing Dyslexia in the Learning Process in Main Hall
    Kathleen Moons (Psychologist): AD/HD in the Workplace (Dutch; translation into English provided) in Room A
  • 13:00: Lunch
  • 13:30: Dr. Xavier Schlogel: Trouble Déficitaire de l’Attention avec ou sans Hyperactivité: le point de vue du neuropédiatre
    Dianne Zaccheo: Asperger’s Syndrome in Room A
  • 14:30  Dr. Buck Weaver (Neuropsychologist): Getting What You Need When You Want It: Self-Advocacy and Accommodation
  • 15:30: Refreshment Break
  • 15:45: Griet Vercaeren: Implementing Care Coaches for Families with AD/HD
    Bhu Ventakasan (Sensory Integration OCT): How Sensory Integration Therapy helps Children with AD/HD in Room A
  • 16:45: Panel Discussion (Dr. Schlogel, Griet Vercaeren, Akiko Matzumoto, Dianne Zaccheo, Dr. Buck Weaver & Bhu Ventakasan)
  • 18:00: End

Centrum ZitStil: books, information, support in Dutch
TDA/H Belgique: books, information, support in French
ADHD/AS/Dyslexia Family Resources: books, information, support in English
Adult Anglophone AD/HD Support: information, support in English
Patienten Treff und Hilfe: books, information, support in German
Waterstones Books: the latest books about AD/HD, Dyslexia, Asperger’s Syndrome, learning disabilities, etc.
ADHD-Europe: surveys, information, resources from across Europe in English, French, Dutch and German

Supervised Activities: Painting, drawing, games, storytelling, DVDs, etc.

available on the premises

Entrance Fee: 10 Euro, payable into our bank account: 001-5695038-50
BBQ food available throughout the day and refreshments at a small cost

Registration: Susan Purcell: ; All other information: Joanne Norris:

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